A Testimonial


Here’s a testimonial to one of our screenings (Sep 1, 2013 – Manchester United at Home) by a fan Nitesh Yadav:


It’s been a long time when a morning seemed so beautiful and fresh, to an extent that I really didn’t know why I am smiling for no reason per se. This is typical me – my morning minds simply rewinds the last day and then everything plays back. And this time, it was played in slow motion. I could vividly put myself back on that seat in front of the big screen in Movida Cafe of Cannaught Place. My first screening in Delhi, and the way I was greeted by the organizers there…wow ! it felt like family. And then I remember singing of YNWA at the top of my voice (not once but 4 times). As soon as I remembered that scene, I checked my throat…and yes, it was still soar with the amount of noise made last evening. And then suddenly, through my mind, rushed the flashes of that awesome evening. Those loud cheers, those jeers to opposition (and sometimes to our players as well), those thunderous clapping at every successful tackle, those shouting ‘Liiiiiverpool…..Liiiiiverpoooool’ after every 5 mins.
The decibel level at the goal rose so high that for once I was scared the roof is gonna blow off. The decibel level at the finish whistle was even higher. F*** Off you SCUMS…this time your 12th man (the ref) is not there…this time it’s a fair game…this time you would know that winning fairly is not easy. Just F*** Off !!
And I cannot forget the no. of middle fingers pointing at RVP when he dared to stand tall against our LEGEND. I am telling you if there was an option of teleporting then he was a dead man. I can’t even imagine the no. of fingers up his a*** . Such was the passion in the fans that for once it seemed they would break the screen in order to slap.thrash RVP. Nani was booed. Evra was screwed. Even Giggs was not excused when he made that rash tackle on Coutinho to satisfy his ego.
I simply loved the 1st of September 2013. The ambience made me damn wild and I didn’t even realize that I was standing on a chair holding a fictitious LFC scarf and singing our anthem at the top of my voice. My fiancee had never seen me like this..and the look on her face clearly said that she wants to reconsider the marriage thing
A crazy guy I was at that moment…with so many other crazy fellows…and we all together make a crazy LFC family. I am simply proud of it.
Love you all. And thanks for a memorable evening.

You’ll Never Walk Alone !!!

Thank you Nitesh, and hope to see you at many more of our screenings. Here’s also to the Redmen doing their bit for our joy through out this season!

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