LFC 5-1 Arsenal: Twenty minutes of magic


Wow, just look at it.

Look at the Red machinery that’s shifting into higher gears.

Look at the chain reaction it just conjured after 20 minutes of football.

In Italy, they said it was the ‘LFC Show

In Spain, they said it was ‘Historic

In Germany, they said Oezil was ‘humbled‘ (Or rather he went missing)

In France, they were more subtle when they said Arsenal got ‘Slapped

If we take a walk down the memory lane, we should remember that this a team of misfits.

Look at Sturridge. He was a Chelsea reject, failed potential and we thought it was a worth a gamble for £12m.

He’s become as ridiculously lethal as his wiggle wiggle dance.

Look at Coutinho. He was deemed as a surplus to requirements at Inter.

He’s putting more through balls than some of the teams around Europe, let alone England.

Look at Skrtel. We thought he was finished wasn’t he? He shouldn’t technically be here when we had bought Kolo, Sakho & Ilori.

The first.

He’s putting more scoring performances and literally kick started the Arsenal fall.

Look at Suárez. We had doubts of him staying during the summer when there were flurry of interviews about his dissatisfaction. We had stood by him through thick and thin, and he was leaving? Ciao, amigo – is all we were thinking.

On Saturday, he made Arsenal’s attacking midfield worth drop by millions and not just a quid.

His 30 yard volley would have been the goal of the millenium, let alone goal of the season. Some people were in disbelief of what happened when it happened. A reaction better than any stimulation available in the world. What a player.

And finally look at Sterling. Ridiculed on national TV for a misunderstanding last year and we thought the privilege of playing for Liverpool had gone into his head. He almost ran out of steam last year. And then there were these headlines of his personal life being splashed across the national media.

The creator and the finisher. Raheem Sterling.

On Saturday, he was just electric when service was provided to him and when he had option to provide service. He’s gone up from being a straight forward roadrunner to one of the best wide players in PL on current form.

Look at the bunch of misfits we have had. And they played a brand of football which put them at par with some historical performances.

In the history of football, I don’t think any side have gone from hoofing the ball to playing the ball at a bullet speed across the ground in space of three years.

From almost going into administration in ’10, we provided Pep Guardiola the perfect recipe of ‘How to take apart your CL opponents under 20 mins!’ in ’14.

Yes, the league leaders have some apparent weaknesses. But in 20 minutes or so, Pep would have written a Bible of new found weaknesses.

This is Liverpool of old, they said. But this is Liverpool of now. We are fools for history repeating itself, but make no mistake we are going places and we don’t know what exactly we are.

Twenty minutes after the FT and a passionate YNWA, you just had to admire your fellow Reds as they took their celebration out on the streets of Connaught Place.

If you look at it, it was a memorable memory. Thanks to our Red machinery.

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