I am working on a dream…..


By: Aakash Munjal

I am working on a dream…

I am working on a dream

Though sometimes it feels so far away

I’am working on a dream

And I know it will be mine some day

  It’s a beautiful song by Bruce Springsteen, have you heard it?

No, trust me; this is still a footballing article, not about romance or life otherwise. But wait, I would say, yes, it is about romance and life. I mean you can take it whichever way you would want to take it.

To avoid this annoying confusion, this is what happened: I happened to hear this song when Liverpool just finished its game against West Ham last Saturday evening. And there won’t be a bigger coincidence. This was also an evening when I received a set back from my work place too.

Evening never ended the way it should have for all of us and for me personally too. I was sitting in my sofa for hours, thinking when this will change? Coincidently, I had the same thought both for the game, as well as for my work. Frankly, I will not bother you with my personal life, that’s not the objective of this write up. But for a moment, I realized how close my dreams are to each other.

A dream of achieving that goal in my career. A dream of a proud and exciting life.  A dream of my love completing my life. A dream of Liverpool winning the League. Sounds like “what the F”? Yeah, kind of. But this is it!

We have had a great last season, an amazing one in fact. The derby was not even played like a derby, rivals were blasted away from the game. Our age old rivals were made to lick their wounds (you know what I am talking about). 2013-2014, for me was the year of getting higher on my career goal as well as feeling the love i never felt before.

We kind of expected this season to start the way it has to “some extent”, with so many new faces in the team, as well so many early season injuries. Plus other teams coming to grip of our attacking style. But, we did not expect it to be this bad. We did not expect to lose 3 of the first 5 games. Suddenly it was like the 2010-2011 or 2011-2012 season, the way we were left frustrated to close off the games.

Sometimes, the dejected mind tells you, we will never be good enough again to win the league, leave alone the champions league. Is it worth waiting for years and years, expecting something that may never ever happen. Ask a neutral, not a United fan, ask a real neutral, they don’t expect it to happen in years coming ahead. Some say, it was just Suarez and Sturridge magic last season, and, it’s over.

Is it worth it? I say yes, of course it’s worth it. It’s worth waiting until you die in fact. I mean what kind of love it is, if it gives up.  I was gutted last evening, seeing Liverpool conceding another dying moment goal. But when I see the highlights of the game, I only have feeling of positivity and a never dying obsession for the club. I said to my friend 2 years back “Liverpool is one of the reasons I am alive”. I was kind of drunk, but I don’t think I lied or exaggerated. Win or lose, we are Liverpool. We are not the fans, who change their loyalty for glory. We are a proud bunch of knuckleheads, who are in a stupid obsession with the best club in the world and we are working on a dream.

We are working on a dream to lift the league title, imagine how beautiful it will be if it happens for once. We are fans who wear the badge of loyalty, because we have the backs of those who carry their cross week in week out for the club. We don’t have to win every week to be Kopites, do we?

After a lacklustre display at home against Villa and then at West Ham, I think we were much much better at the Derby. We were aggressive, we created many chances. We had 24 shots, 8 on goal.  Comparing to this we had 11 shots/ 5 on target against West Ham. We were horrible against Villa at Home.

We could clearly see the improvement in Lallana, Coutinho and in our defence. One thing that was lacking in last couple of games was balls coming from right and left sides. In Comparison with West Ham game, where we had 10 each, there were 16 from left and 8 from right. And it’s not about the number, it’s about the quality. We found the strikers on many occasions, but the end product was missing.

Media before the game was full of criticism of Steven Gerrard and how he did he reply! His long balls are still the best in the league, he managed to find the right heads with his corners, he won tackles and he of course scored that magnificent free kick.

That goal could have been the beginning, a beginning of more goals. Had Lallana found the net in the 10th Minute and had Balotelli just tapped in the ball in the 66th, Jagielka’s injury time stunner would not have mattered. You cannot deny it was another good Derby, though we have seen better, but we could see more positives than negatives.

I sat in my sofa for a few minutes, stunned and disappointed. And after a while, I remember this:

I’m working on a dream
Though trouble can feel like it’s here to stay
I’m working on a dream
Well our love will chase trouble away

We are hosting West Brom On Saturday. Lets keep dreaming – here we go again!


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