Anfield tickets for DelhiKop!


Fancy being at Anfield? As Official Liverpool Supporters Club, DelhiKop gets some ticketing privileges from LFC.

For the second half of 2014-15, we’ve been given a total of 9 matches to choose from! Please be careful while selecting the matches and for your convenience, the kick off times (BST) have been mentioned.

There are a few points to remember while filling the form:

1. As an OLSC, we’re entitled to some ticketing privileges by LFC. For the 2nd half of the current campaign, we’ve been given the following matches to choose from!
2. If you’re willing to go in groups, please fill this form separately for every person going.
3. At one time, you can select 1 match from the drop down.
4. Filling this form doesn’t guarantee a ticket, final decision on that will be taken by Liverpool FC. We’ll inform you about the same as and when it happens.
5. Please select the match carefully and for your reference the current Kick Off (BST) times are mentioned. However, this might -change over the course of the season.

Fill the form below and we’ll update you.


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