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It is the second day of the year and I hate it already- Every Liverpool Fan right now.

Words even don’t come close to what every Red must be feeling right now seeing one of their own going away from home.


Steven George Gerrard is one of the two reasons I started following Liverpool Football Club and now that it is almost certain that he will seek pastures new, it is the rudest New Year party hangover fixer to jolt us into reality and making us aware of the adage ” nothing is permanent”. One is left thinking ” This can’t be happening right now”.

It would be strange for us, not to see our team being led by Stevie G, or making 40 yard pinpoint crosses or making those tackles which leave the opposition players in a hump( Everton and Manchester United players must be the most aware).

But rest asured. Like Kenny Dalglish before him,  cries of ” Steve Gerrard Gerrard, He is Big and he is fucking hard” will ring around Anfield and I’m pretty sure every Premier league ground as well.

I won’t digress by stating the statistics and trophies won. Just ask any player or fan as to ” who is Gerrard? ” and the unanimous answer will be ” Liverpool”. That I believe is proof of what Gerrard means to the club and to the fans.The role he played in Hillsborough inquest and helping the families who still feel the repercussions of that day despite suffering a personal loss( for the uninitiated, he lost his cousin ” Jon Paul Gilhooley”)is a very big deal


I will be honest, I was close to breaking down on hearing his imminent departure, though most would have thought ” these guys must be accustomed to losing players”. but mind you this was no ordinary player.

This phenomena rose from the ranks at Liverpool and captained his boyhood side, as was his passion. Who can claim to have followed their passion and succeeded at it for 11 years? he is living the dream, so he said in his autobiography


Torres and Suarez may come and go, but this one is a class act I had a special connect with and amount of tarnishing by rival team fans can spoil his image and what he means to us.
We have lost 2 statesmen of the club in the past 3 years, it is up to the current crop to keep their legacy alive.

As for me, I shall be found on matchdays in front of the TV set or at a match screening. You’re most welcome to join and watch the best that there ever was to overcome the regret that I never saw him play live.

We must not wallow in self pity and give our captain fantastic a rousing farewell and send him off with a bang( starting this week and continuing till the last). who knows we may as well finish with a trophy or two in hand ?
We Go Again!

Yes , We Will.

Yes , We Will.

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