Not Today.


By: Pritish Srivastav

“What do we say to the god of death?”

“Not Today.”

– A Quote from Game of Thrones

Not today. Stevie. This was not supposed to happen today.
It feels worse than a break-up. It feels like death. I told my family, friends and others about it,
no one seems to understand.

‘This happens in sport’, ‘Transfers keep happening’, ‘A time comes when they have to think about themselves’ and whatnot.
This doesn’t happen in Sports, transfers don’t keep happening, this is Steven Gerrard!

I thought this romance would never end, watching Stevie in another team would be like a nail to the eye.
This is not Stevie and this is not Liverpool. This is Liverpool without Stevie and Stevie without Liverpool.
No one would be complete without each other.

People say at least he’ll play for another 5 months, I think it would be worse to see him play knowing that this might be his last match for Liverpool ever. This might be the last time, I’m watching him play. The thought hurts more than any physical pain in the world. When he goes, everyone will be in tears, even our Fortress Anfield will cry.

Maybe I’m too attached, maybe I’m obsessed, call it whatever you want to call it but

“If you don’t believe we’re family, you haven’t felt what we’ve felt.”

-FIFA 15 Trailer

you haven’t felt what I’ve felt.

The times I’ve got goosebumps on a Gerrard pass, or a through ball or a tackle or a goal or just a sprint
does not even begin to summarize what he has made me feel over the years.
Torres got me thinking about Liverpool, Gerrard made me fall in love with the club, the fans, the whole ecosystem that surrounds Liverpool.
I won’t go into stats, trophies, medals, the transfers he rejected and how many times he’s saved us single handedly.
He didn’t have the pleasure of a premier league medal in his career but that only shows how he chose Liverpool over a premier league medal, he gave his all for the club and wanted Liverpool to win the trophy rather than him getting a medal.

People tease me, reminding me of how he slipped a few months ago and lost the title, the title was lost at West Brom when we drew 1-1 and when Hull City beat us 3-1. If I was him, I’d have left Football for life after that slip, millions of fans watch Gerrard and look up to him and he slipped and everyone’s on his head. I couldn’t have handled the pressure. I might even had gone underground and maybe lost my mind.

He said the next day-
"We Go Again!"

“We Go Again!”

Gerrard has given me the gift I was not even aware of till now, the gift of belief, the gift of hope, the gift of faith.
I have felt it multiple times, when we’ve been losing, when we’ve been going through a hard time, if Stevie’s in the team we still have a chance and eventually it came into my existence, my subconscious. In everything I do, I keep my faith, hope and belief alive no matter what I do.
He was my Idol, My Inspiration.

He was my Idol, My Inspiration.

If I could I’d keep writing till the last match of the season.. There are so many moment, so many memories that he has given us. I know how I feel about this, every Liverpool fan must be crying or sad of this news, but it would be the hardest time for him, it would’ve been the hardest decision he’s ever had to make.

I have loved you more than Liverpool FC itself and I will love you forever, my captain, my hero, my idol, my friend. You Will Never EVER Walk Alone!

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