Steven Gerrard – My Story: The Dream Of Becoming A Liverpool Manager


“I sometimes allow my mind to wander and think, ‘Wouldn’t it be amazing to manage Liverpool one day?’ Right now I can’t know if I’d be good enough or if I would even be asked to do the job in the future.

First and foremost I’d have to feel confident that I could be a successful manager. I would never take the job on the back of my name — or just because some fans would like me to step in on the basis they’d once supported me as a player.

I know that being manager of Liverpool Football Club is a huge job. It needs the right man with the right credentials and know-how.

So for me, at the moment, it can’t be anything more than a ‘maybe’. All I can really say is that it is a lovely dream — but I simply have no idea if it will ever happen or if it’s even realistic to talk about it.

It’s still quite fun to fantasise a little. If, totally hypothetically, I was going to become Liverpool manager one day I know who I’d love to have as my assistant: Xabi Alonso or Jamie Carragher. They are very intelligent, have a deep knowledge of football and are special men.

If I had smart people around me, and the right coaching team behind me, I like to think I could succeed as a manager.

I have completed and passed my B licence and will now take a break while I concentrate on playing football with LA Galaxy and then crack on with my UEFA A coaching licence once I’m back in England for good. The idea of becoming a manager one day is intriguing but I still really don’t know if it’s the road I will follow.

Once my playing career is over in America I want to explore various aspects of management. I would love to spend some time with a few top managers. How could you not learn a lot if you had a chance to talk in detail about management to Mourinho, Wenger, Hodgson and Rodgers?

The same goes for Pep Guardiola. I’d love spending a week watching Pep work. “

(Source – The Daily Mail)

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