Klopp Pre Tottenham Press Conference


Jurgen Klopp today gave his first pre-match press conference, and here’s what he had to say:

12107895_1066917046673637_5711000262404829354_nOn paparazzi and on training in the last couple of days, he said:

“It’s different. Things I have learned this week include trying to do some things for my private situation, but obviously the paparazzi know where I am going before I do.

“I have been here, talking to many people, and trying to understand how LFC works, and how it is. It’s a big step, and everything is ok until now.

“We have had some problems with players that were with national teams, that is normal. It’s always nervous waiting for the players to get some information. We had “not perfect” information in terms of young Joe Gomez.

“We’ve had some good training, the boys are willing to listen, to understand what we want. It’s not the time to change things, only in the right way. That’s what we’ve tried to do.”

“I watch football all the time, and I know many things about my new players.

“Its about what they can do on their best day, that’s what I’m looking for. Everything would be better if we worked for six weeks, but it’s not a perfect world, and we have to deal with the situation.”

Asked about the attention since arriving at Liverpool and the size of the task, he said:

“I never think about things like this. I don’t like being photographed all the time, who does?

“It’s a funny job to wait three hours for me to come out, take one photo and go home. But it’s the situation.

“I’m interested in what we can do behind this door, not outside. I am told it will cool down soon, but hopefully not because of results.”

On the pressure and expectations that come with being Liverpool boss, he said:

“I don’t read what you write. I’m completely free of expectations. My pressure that I place on myself is enough.

“I’m completely in the middle, and can work with the boys.”

Asked about Spurs, and the team’s form before his arrival…

“We have to start new, a restart. I’m not interested in what happened a few weeks ago, only in what we can do to be stable in a game, to close all our doors and, if possible, give a little bit out.

“We have to be active, ready for work, and to enjoy the game. We are playing against a very good team that has been together for some time. They (Spurs) ook fine tuned, good together. We know how they want to play, but it’s important to analyse our own situation.

“If nothing happens in the next training sessions, I know how I want to play. We will use these sessions to understand a little bit more.

“At the end, it’s only football. And all these guys can play good football. That’s the reason they are here.”

Klopp says Liverpool have to “open their chests” and get out and play at Spurs.

Asked about injuries…

“Gomez came here and I met him for the first time. What a wonderful young boy, tall and muscular. But he has an ACL injury. Now we have to make further diagnoses, and we will see when he gets operated on. He can count the days until he’s back.

“He’s a young guy. It was not the best day in his life, but I am pretty good at waiting for young players. This is is home/

“Benteke and Firmino are back on the pitch, not team training but better and better. I don’t know exactly when they will come back, but I hope to see next week them in team training. Hopefully it can go quick, and they will be ready for playing.

“For sure, not Saturday, and I don’t think Thursday. For next Sunday, ask me next week!”

Asked if he has had enough time to change LFC style this week…

“Everything is different at the moment. We want to look different, for sure.

“That’s what I expect, that we can see that we have worked together. I want to see more bravery, more fun in their eyes, I want to see that they like what they do.

“I saw it in the week, and if this is different, then maybe we can be very well organised and not just think about offensive things. I know that we have not until now had enough goals, but you have to feel stability and that can make you free for offensive play and creativity.”

On the adaptation process for players.

“Some things you can change like this. Mentality, readiness, you can change that like this.

“But to get really tuned as a team, that takes time. I’m not interested in the problems we couild have on Saturday. After this game we will know more.

“The biggest problem we have, I met people who say ‘we can win the league, we can win the league’ and the others look and think ‘what have you done’

“We want to get back trust, and confidence. More and more and more. It sometimes needs more time. A good example is the Villa game, when Milly (Milner) scored after 2 mins, and everything changed at this moment.

“You will find a way if you are patient enough, and don’t think ‘oh my God it is like last week, last year, whatever’ I want to get the players to trust themselves. I’m here because of them, because I can help these guys. We have to work together.”

On bravery…

“The bravery is to make mistakes. This is a fantastic game, football. We all love it because it can be spectacular, fast, hard.

“But it doesn’t work without faults. We all, as human beings, think about them, but it’s not important to think about how many mistakes you make.

“You can always get better, if you accept that mistakes will happen. It’s not the biggest thing in the world.

“We have to be compact, close together tactically, and if you are close then you have options to play with and who can support you. You don’t always have to try the most risky ball if you are compact.

“You have to run, to fight, until the moment, and then BANG you take it.”

Klopp is shown a ‘The Normal One’ t-shirt, and asked about the attention he has received since arriving…

“Yesterday I was having dinner with Zeljko and Pete, and our wives and they wanted a photo. But I had to say no, because every photo they take is on Twitter.

“And it looks like every day I am in restaurants and bars!

“I felt that people think it’s not too bad that I’m here. It’s a little bit strange at this moment because we haven’t played yet!

“Let’s start playing football, then see what they think of me!”

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