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DelhiKop Match Screening – LFC v Ludogorets – CL Nights at Glued


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Champions League football is back at Anfield and for the first time, you can watch it with DelhiKop!

This season, you can watch LFC’s every single LFC game at Glued and let’s start that this Tuesday when Anfield hosts Ludogorets.

Glued is not a bar so there won’t be any alcohol available inside the place but there would be plenty of other F&B options.

There are two entry options – a. pay an non-redeemable Rs.100 entry fee, or, b. pay a Rs.300 cover charge – redeemable against food and drinks. LFC’s official members enter free if they’ve declared that in the form and can produce the membership card at the gate.

Entries begin at 11:30pm IST on Tuesday, KO is at 12:30am.

Please register yourself on the form below and choose the desired entry option. The form at the venue would be considered final.

For any queries please contact:
Gautam: 7838326916
Glued: 9891339974

DelhiKop Match Screening – Liverpool v Chelsea


Three steps away from… well, let’s not say it. What we can say is that this is going to be the biggest screening so far! And loudest! And you wouldn’t want to miss it!


Let’s all meet at Underdoggs Sports Bar and Grill, Third Floor, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, Delhi on Sunday 27th April to cheer the Redmen as they keep rewriting history. The kick off is at 6:30pm but entries begin at 5pm. Map –

The entry is either on payment of cover charges (redeemable against food and drinks) of ₹300 or, on the payment of a non-redeemable entry fee of ₹100. To avail the ₹100 entry ticket option, you would have to be at the venue no later than 6pm post which only the cover price option would be available. Since we’re expecting a capacity crowd, please make sure you reach as early as you can – public places cannot allow entry once the capacity is reached. 

If you wish to reserve a table, it can be done if a minimum guarantee is paid – you can speak to Underdoggs for details.

In any case, it is mandatory for you to be on our guest list to be allowed entry and to avail the special price menu. If you’re not on the list, the venue would not treat you as someone attending the DelhiKop screening and may have different charges for entry. 

There is a special price menu offered to us by Underdoggs, not just for beer but for a variety of drinks and snacks, especially to fans of LFC who are attending this screening –

Liquor Menu

Beer Pints:
Kingfisher Premium 150
Kingfisher Strong 150
Kingfisher Blue 150
Kingfisher Draught 150
Kingfisher Ultra 200
Heineken 250

Bleander’s Pride 150
100 Pipers 150
Teachers highland 150

Absolut Blue 200
Absolut flavored 200
Viva Mojo 200
Don Angel 200

Robin Van Berry 200
Tropical Phelps 200

Aerated Drinks 100
Diet Pepsi 150
Fresh Lime water/soda 150

Food Menu

Cauliflower Bites 150
Vegetable Spring Rolls 200
French Fries 250
Chilli Paneer 350

Non Veg:
Chicken Wings 200
Chicken Kabbadi 250
Chili Chicken 250
Mutton seekh Kebab 350

(All inclusive prices in INR)

For any queries you can call or text us:
Shrey – 9810499650
Gautam – 7838326916
Ashish –  9818338393

A Testimonial


Here’s a testimonial to one of our screenings (Sep 1, 2013 – Manchester United at Home) by a fan Nitesh Yadav:


It’s been a long time when a morning seemed so beautiful and fresh, to an extent that I really didn’t know why I am smiling for no reason per se. This is typical me – my morning minds simply rewinds the last day and then everything plays back. And this time, it was played in slow motion. I could vividly put myself back on that seat in front of the big screen in Movida Cafe of Cannaught Place. My first screening in Delhi, and the way I was greeted by the organizers there…wow ! it felt like family. And then I remember singing of YNWA at the top of my voice (not once but 4 times). As soon as I remembered that scene, I checked my throat…and yes, it was still soar with the amount of noise made last evening. And then suddenly, through my mind, rushed the flashes of that awesome evening. Those loud cheers, those jeers to opposition (and sometimes to our players as well), those thunderous clapping at every successful tackle, those shouting ‘Liiiiiverpool…..Liiiiiverpoooool’ after every 5 mins.
The decibel level at the goal rose so high that for once I was scared the roof is gonna blow off. The decibel level at the finish whistle was even higher. F*** Off you SCUMS…this time your 12th man (the ref) is not there…this time it’s a fair game…this time you would know that winning fairly is not easy. Just F*** Off !!
And I cannot forget the no. of middle fingers pointing at RVP when he dared to stand tall against our LEGEND. I am telling you if there was an option of teleporting then he was a dead man. I can’t even imagine the no. of fingers up his a*** . Such was the passion in the fans that for once it seemed they would break the screen in order to slap.thrash RVP. Nani was booed. Evra was screwed. Even Giggs was not excused when he made that rash tackle on Coutinho to satisfy his ego.
I simply loved the 1st of September 2013. The ambience made me damn wild and I didn’t even realize that I was standing on a chair holding a fictitious LFC scarf and singing our anthem at the top of my voice. My fiancee had never seen me like this..and the look on her face clearly said that she wants to reconsider the marriage thing
A crazy guy I was at that moment…with so many other crazy fellows…and we all together make a crazy LFC family. I am simply proud of it.
Love you all. And thanks for a memorable evening.

You’ll Never Walk Alone !!!

Thank you Nitesh, and hope to see you at many more of our screenings. Here’s also to the Redmen doing their bit for our joy through out this season!

DelhiKop Screening: LFC v CFC


Watch one of the last big games of the season with your fellow Reds!


The game against Chelsea – Rafa’s homecoming – will be screened at Spirit Bar and Restaurant, Connaught Place, New Delhi on Sunday, 21st April.

There are no cover charges or entry fee. However, you need to be a Red to be a part of this event. We go to great lengths to organise these events for the benefit of Liverpool fans. We want to provide a platform for reds to get together – not to host altercations with rival fans.

Liverpool FC would be coming to Thailand for a pre-season tour and we’ve been allowed the pre-sale window for the tickets. Those who’re interested in booking their tickets through us, will have to deposit their monies with the moderators on this event. Details of the tickets and match here.

#LFCTour 2013 – Thailand Tickets


Dear Reds:

Liverpool FC has released ticketing information for the pre-season game in Bangkok, Thailand on Sunday 28th July. As an official branch we are given priority ticketing privileges.

Venue: Rajamangala National Stadium

Match Day: Sunday, 28 July, 6.00pm

Match: Thailand National Team vs Liverpool Football Club

Gate Open: 90 minutes before kick off

Ticket Prices:

  • *VIP (with hospitality)(W1J) – 5,000 Baht
  • *Category 1 (W1 : Fixed seat) – 3,000 Baht
  • *Category 2 (W2 : Fixed seat) – 2,000 Baht
  • *Category 3 (E1:Fixed block) – 2,000 Baht
  • Category 4 (W3: Festival) – 1,500 Baht
  • Category 5 (E2:Festival) – 1,500 Baht
  • Category 6 (E3:Festival) – 800 Baht
  • Category 7 (N&S:Festival) – 500 Baht

*VIP Category, (W1J), Category 1(W1), Category 2(W2) and Category 3(E3) will entitle ticket holders to attend the open training session at Ragamagla National Stadium. Please note that open training session date will be released closer to the date.

The designated LFC areas for branches will be:
Cat 1 : W1L and W1M
Cat 2 : W2O
Cat 3 : E1K

Seating plan: 


Pre Sale for Liverpool Delhi Supporters’ Club’s Members:

Members are required to send in their ticket requirements to us on latest by 27th April 2013 midnight. We will then compile the list and share with OLSC co-ordinator and arrange to receive payment from you. This information should include the number of seats in each of the above categories – CAT 1 to 3.

If there is a large number of interested fans, we will interact with the travel operators to get a better rate as a group. This, however, is not mandatory and fans are welcome to make their own arrangements.

Since Thailand is the venue that would be closest to Indians on this tour, we will not get a better opportunity to watch the Reds play, if we have not already. This also means that there would be a huge demand for the tickets so you’re requested to respond as soon as possible. 


#LFCTour 2013



LFC would be traveling to APAC this summer and we know that some of you might be inclined to travel to watch them – specially since traveling to Thailand is cheap and we have a lot of Delhi-ites living in Australia.

As an Official Liverpool Supporters’ Club, we get ticketing privileges. If you’re interested in getting yourself a ticket of either of the game (Melbourne, Bangkok and another unannounced fixture), you are welcome to get in touch with us.

We are available on You can write in to us and leave your phone number so one of us will get in touch at the soonest.

Ticket information for the Melbourne game has been released:

The game against Melbourne Victory will take place on Wednesday July 24th at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). Kick-off will be 8pm (local time in Melbourne).

Tickets will go on general sale at 3pm (local time in Melbourne) on Thursday 11th April 2013.

The following ticket prices will apply:

Platinum: $185
Gold: $150
Silver: Adult $79 and Concessions $59
Bronze: Adult $60 and Concessions $45
Designated Liverpool FC KOP section ( Active End): $25
Designated Melbourne Victory section ( Active End): $25

The branches get an exclusive window for buying tickets before the aforesaid times.

We’ll share information about other games as soon as it is made available to us.

Screening: LFC v THFC – 10.03.2013


Liverpool Delhi Supporters’ Club – DelhiKop will have the first screening as an Official Liverpool Supporters’ Club on 10th March 2013 from 9PM onwards at our regular joint – Spirit Bar & Restaurant, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

As usual, there are NO cover or entry charges. Entry is free to all, provided you’re a Red.

For any information please call:
Abhimanyu: 9953240962
Andy: 9999788803
Ankit: 9899575761


DelhiKop – Official Liverpool Supporters’ Club


After years of hard-work, on 13th February 2013, Liverpool FC granted DelhiKop the status of ‘Official Liverpool Supporters’ Club’. Find a list of all official clubs here:

Here’s the interview that had with DelhiKop’s Kaushal Goyal:

LFC: How it feels to be granted official status by the club?
Kaushal: It means the world, actually. Although fans never need any incentive to support LFC, this brings us so much closer to the club. And when I say that, it’s not the material things like access to tickets, which is definitely a bonus, but to have real contact with the club means so much to all of us. From the team’s perspective that has worked tirelessly for the past so many years to bring the fans together, it is a great privilege, reward and honour to be recognised by the club and told that we now have the blessings of the club to take it even further.

LFC: Why did you decide to launch a supporters’ club?
Kaushal: I’m sorry if my answer sounds too common-place but we liked watching games with fellow fans and wanted to extend that facility to others. So, we kept on searching for more fans online and before we knew it, there was a group – a club – of fans who now call themselves DelhiKop.

LFC: Why did you pick Liverpool as your team?
Kaushal: Personally, my inclination towards club football came about after the 1998 World Cup. I bought myself a copy of a FIFA and after the Argentina-England game with that goal from Michael Owen, I had to pick a team with him in it. For the first few years I followed Liverpool, I did so without even knowing the great heritage of the club, the support that we have, the great heroes we’ve had and I was mad about Liverpool even then.

LFC: Who was your first idol for Liverpool?
Kaushal: Well, I did start following Liverpool for Michael Owen, so he’ll have to take that position.

LFC: Are Liverpool popular in India?
Kaushal: Absolutely. I can’t comment on the number of fans Liverpool has with respect to those of other clubs but we have a massive supporter base in India. What I can comment on is the quality of support that Liverpool enjoys here. The fans are immensely passionate about the club. The support at the screenings is amazing, but the fans also understand the club’s values. The supporters never let a fellow fan ‘walk alone’.

LFC: What is it about Liverpool that appeals to fans in India?
KaushalWe Indians are proud of our heritage – the history and the culture. We pride ourselves with our strong ‘family values’. If there was ever a club that could resonate those values, it is Liverpool Football Club. There cannot be a more ‘Indian’club.

LFC: India is not known as a football-loving country because cricket is so popular. Are you starting to see football and LFC grow in terms of popularity?
Kaushal: Cricket is definitely the most popular sport in the country but football being second does not mean it is not loved. Ever since the advent of cable television in India in the early ’90s, football has been growing exponentially. As more and more people follow football, it is only natural for a lot of them to choose to support LFC.

LFC: If fans in India would like to join one of your supporters’ clubs, how would they do it?
Kaushal: Our club is open to all fans in the region. There’s a small form on the website they can register themselves on our database. The can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter and of course drop in to our screenings. We’ve never asked for any membership fee and intend to keep it that way. Going forward, we may introduce a ‘premium’ tier of memberships.

LFC: Finally, how did you feel when LFC announced it was launching an official twitter account for Indian fans in December 2012? No other club has done this…
Kaushal: When you think about it, it means that the club has acknowledged that there is strong support in India and that the club has allocated resources and time so that the fans here can feel closer to the club, can interact with the club, and can connect with more fans across the country. It is a feeling I cannot describe but then that’s what Liverpool Football Club is all about.